Silverton Ehitus

About Silverton Ehitus

Silverton Ehitus Ltd. provides  pre/design, design engineering and calculation services, supplies of equipment and materials as well as construction of dome structures of different capacity and configuration.

Dome structures enable meeting different needs and are used in civil and constructional engineering.

Applications in constructional engineering:

Storage facilities for grain, sugar, cereals, salt, chemical fertilizers, ore, coal, cement and other commodities requiring long-term storage.

Applications in civil engineering:

Cinemas, school buildings, sport facilities/pools of different types, basketball fields, ice hockey and football stadiums, discos, churches, housing.

Logistics hubs, office buildings, plane hangars, explosives’ storage facilities, shelters, military facilities and much more.

Dome shell geometry ensures high efficiency of the entire structure, which needs minimal amount of materials and very short building time.

Dome outer structure is covered with weatherproof polyester-vinyl material efficiently preventing air and water penetration into the dome and when the dome is filled with air works can be performed inside independent on weather conditions. The shell is covered with 5 cm polyurethane thermal insulation.

A concrete layer on the inner side of the dome forms the load carrying structure, which carries vertical loads as well as stockpile of the material stored.

The advantages of this type structures are absence of condensate, big holding capacity, good weather resistance, short building time.